Community Power. Community Participation.

Job Creation

Visit our Careers page to see if any jobs are available if you are interested in joining our team! We look forward to providing employment opportunities to residents for the duration of our FIT and MicroFIT contracts and then some.

Community Involvement

We enjoy being active members of the Blind River Chamber of Commerce and look forward to continuing to develop our community involvement.

Local Bursary Program

2018 is NSPG's second year supporting the graduates of our two local highschools by providing each secondary school with a bursary that will be awarded to a graduating student. Details will be available at each of the respective schools should a student wish to apply.

Maintenance Services

NSPG operates and maintains a number of sites that we own and lease. In 2017, we extended our services to other solar system owners and offer operation and/or maintenance services to those unable to perform or arrange the work themselves.  Please Contact Us for details and rates.